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Therapy services

Melbourne Cognitive Behaviour Therapy offers the following services:

  • Individual therapy (children, adolescents and adults)
  • Family therapy

Issues frequently treated include:

  • Anxiety disorders - such as panic attacks, phobias, including agoraphobia and social phobia, performance anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress.
  • Stress management
  • Depression
  • Pain management
  • Anger management
  • Behaviour management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Relationship problems, communication problems, emotional regulation, sexual dysfunction.
  • Jealousy
  • Guilt
  • Gender issues
  • Habit disorders - smoking, eating, gambling, shopping, alcohol
  • Skills development, social skills, assertiveness

When we think thoughts that are irrational, illogical, disproportionate, exaggerated or ‘nutty’, we get emotional reactions that are similarly distorted. The priority of our caring therapists at Melbourne Cognitive behaviour Therapy Centre is to help our clients to achieve happy, healthy and fullfilled lives.

Whilst adhering to the basic CBT theory there are times when techniques from other therapies, such as hypnosis and family perspectives, are used to achieve goals.

CBT involves learning to identify, challenge and re-educate ourselves, thereby providing less disturbing emotions and promoting a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Business Consultancy and Professional Development Seminars

Research has shown that a harmonious workplace greatly increases productivity and reduces staff turnover.

Melbourne Cognitive Behaviour therapists will come to your workplace, and consult with you about the needs of your business. Thirty years in practice has shown us the benefits of a content and enthusiastic staff.

Every business is subtly different. Some need strong leadership, some rely on creativity, some encourage a cooperative approach to managing workloads and problem solving. MCBT believes that leaders are made, not born. MCBT knows that it is possible to train individuals to maximise their potential and address issues that are affecting their performance.

Inspire, support, create... CBT can work at many levels to increase support and creativity in your business. Do your staff have to cope with stressed, angry or frustrated clients? Do your managers need skills to encourage staff or improve their own performance? Are there unresolved personnel situations in the office? CBT can help with motivation, communication and problem solving. Enquire about the variety of presentations, seminars or courses individually designed for your business.

Consulting fees
  • Jillian Cowan $190
  • Christopher Larner $150
  • Rosemary Chapple $60
Some private health insurance agencies give rebates for psychological services.

Your GP can give you information about whether your possible eligibility for Commonwealth government schemes to assist with payment of fees.

The priority of Melbourne Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Centre is for clients to be able to access an affordable service.

Medicare Rebate for Psychology

**From November 1, 2006, all registered psychologists are eligible to be endorsed by Medicare. The psychologists at Melbourne Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are all endorsed by Medicare, and you are therefore eligible for the appropriate rebate.

You must be referred to a psychologist by your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician.

Your doctor may allow you to select a psychologist or may refer you to one that he/she recommends.

If you are already seeing a psychologist you will need to request a referral from your GP in order to obtain the rebate.

You can access 10 sessions in a calendar year. Your doctor will assess your progress after the first six sessions. You can also access up to 12 group therapy sessions where they are available and your doctor believes they are appropriate.

The cost to you will vary according to

  • The length of the session
  • The type of psychologist
  • The fee being charged by the psychologist.

If the psychologist does not bulk bill, then you will pay the difference between the fee and the Medicare rebate. You must check this out with your psychologist before commencing treatment.

If the account is not bulk billed, you are responsible for settlement of the account.  You can:

  • Pay the full amount after the consultation and then claim the rebate
  • Pay the difference and then forward the Medicare cheque to the psychologist
  • Claim from Medicare using your unpaid account.

The Medicare Safety Net applies to your out of pocket expenses.

You cannot use your private health insurance as well as the Medicare rebate.

Note: Source: fact sheet issued by the Australian Psychological Society
or the Department of Health and Ageing

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