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Introducing our Therapists
Jillian Cowan BA, Dip.Ed., Dip.Ed. Psych., Dip. Sports Sci., Dip Clin. Hypnosis.

Jillian is the Director of the Melbourne Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and was formerly a Director of the Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She has been in private practice for over 25 years, and is one of the fortunate people who loves what she does.

Jillian has extensive training in CBT, and could not believe it when she discovered a therapy modality that fitted so well with her conceptualisation of how a psychologically healthy person thinks, feels and behaves.

She is also a registered Hypnotherapist, and Child and Adolescent psychologist. Jillian was formerly a secondary school teacher. She lectures, runs workshops, and writes articles.

Jillian is particularly interested in Performance Anxiety and works extensively with clients in the sports and performing arts. She also works with clients who are suffering trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder and procrastination.

Jillian enjoys using hypnosis to complement CBT.

In her "spare" time, Jillian runs (slowly), plays tennis (badly), catches planes (to weird destinations), knits garments (unwearable) and loves chocolate (large amounts of).

Chris Larner, B.A., B.Ap.Sc. (Hons.)

Chris is currently completing a PhD investigating the management of anxiety in peak performances. In addition to working at the Melbourne Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Centre he is a volunteer crisis telephone counsellor, is an active parenting trainer (Triple P accredited), and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students at both Victoria and Hong Kong Universities.

Chris' work includes group and individual counselling, parent coaching, crisis counselling and psychoeducation.

He is particularly interested in the impact of anxiety, anger and depression on performance, in interpersonal relationships, and at work. He also has a special interest in anger management and men's issues.

Chris is a keen sportsman and apart from exercising for general fitness, engages in a range of individually challenging activities whenever he can. He has competed internationally in freestyle skiing, however his most recent passion (apart from his work) is kite boarding.

Rosemary Chapple (Counsellor)

Rosemary is a trained CBT practitioner and is highly experienced in applying this to children and adolescents. She is also a Student Welfare Co-ordinator. Rosemary is a trained Mediator and principally applies this in her family relationship counselling.

Rosemary is especially interested in the performing arts and the use techniques to facilitate the acquisition and application of skills. Rosemary enjoys working with motivated students who wish to enhance their time management, study techniques and life balance.

In her spare time she directs theatre, sings, and manages upcoming artists. She enjoys bike riding and gardening.

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